100 crores allowed by the Central for integrative development of Sabarimala has not utilized by the State

State Government has not utilized the fund allotted by the Central Government for Sabarimala. Sabarimala in this darshan season lacks even the basic amenities for the pilgrims. Pinarayi Government has neglected, the allotted 100 crore scheme, by the Central Government. The State Government so far have not done anything with 20 crores received as first phase of the scheme, no utilization details have been provided neither did the State attempted to get the balance amount, as per the scheme.

As a part of Swadesi Darshan, 19th July 2016, Narendra Modi Government allotted 100 crores for the integrative development of Sabarimala and calculated 20 crores as the funding for the first phase. On 27th of the same month the Central Government has published an order, with whole details of the scheme. A copy of this order has been shared with CM, Tourism minister and with Richard Hay MP who had worked day and night for the scheme.

32 crore 96 lakh rupees was calculated for toilet complex in Pampa, 15 crores for a Waste Plant, 26 crore 50 lakhs was assumed to be the expense for the development of Sharanapatha, also Central Government had plans to ensure the pilgrims get clean drinking without any trouble.

32 crore 90 lakhs was kept aside for development works at Sannidhanam. Central Government calculated sufficient amount o pull up Erumeli from its present poor condition. All together a sum of 100 crores. Pinarayi Government aimed only at the income from the temple shut its eyes against the scheme by the Central Government.