A week of planning; Two minutes of ‘darshan’.


Kanakadurga and Bindu on December 24 made unsuccessful attempt to trek Sabarimala. They were entered into Kottayam Medical College after having physical discomforts. However after their discharge, nobody heard anything from any sources. Their family members approached the police and filed a missing case.

  • Kottayam SP Harishankar was tasked with compiling all the activities.
  • Women stayed at safe houses at Ernakulam-Kottayam border.
  • Women police protected them at all centres.
  • Bindu and Kanakadurga were not allowed to make contact with outsiders, Even phone usage was restricted.
  • After the Women Wall, government granted permission for women entry.
  • Women reached Erumeli and Pampa with police escort, At approximatley 1 in the morning, the women were disguised and escorted by police disguised as civilians (mufti) to Pamba in an AMBULANCE, NOT a police vehicle.
  • Despite using an ambulance, they were stopped by Devotees. When they were stopped, the women claimed to be transgenders (Hijras, or, “Hijada,” in Malayalam).
  • Sabarimala freely allows transgenders (Hijras).The tantri has OPENLY ALLOWED them to be there, so they knew that by claiming to be transgender, they would be allowed in.
  • The ambulence with the women inside were stopped twice, once at Pamba, and AGAIN in Marakkootam.
  • Both times, the women claimed to be Transgenders (Hijras), and were allowed to pass.
  • Complete secrecy was maintained regarding darshan timings.
  • Upon reaching Sannidhanam, they were escorted by police in mufti (civilian disguises) to the VIP entrance in the BACK of the temple.
  • Seven police in customary black dress and 6 other men in security detail, Five policemen as additional security.
  • This all happened at 1 to 3 in the MORNING. At this time, the temple was CLOSED. Most people were asleep,
  • Women said that temple entry can be made in the morning and media should be informed after that.
  • However the police didn’t agree.
  • The women reached Sannidanam by 3.48 a.m.
  • They completed darshan by 3.50 a.m.
  • Video of women entering the shrine was shot by policemen.
  • Later, it was published through Whatsapp.