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Al-Qaeda man whose poem studied in Kerala dies in US attack in Yemen

Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 15 : Al-Qaeda terrorist Ibrahim al-Rubaish, who wrote the poem ‘Ode To The Sea’ which was once introduced in the degree level syllabus of Calicut University in Kerala, died at a drone attack by US in Yemen last night.

Ibrahim al-Rubaish was one of the most wanted terrorist leaders of Al-Qaeda group in Yemen.Confirming the death of its leader, Al-Qaeda said Ibrahim al-Rbaish died in a crusade in the name of Allah against America.

The poem by the Al-Qaeda terrorist was studied for 2 years by the Calicut University’s English literature students in Kerala.

Earlier, after a controversy in connection with the inclusion of the poem (picked up from a book ‘Poems from Guantanomo Bay’ in 2011) in the degree level syllabus, the  authorities had decided to withdraw the poem from the text book for third semester BA and BSc students.

However, the decision for removal of the poem from the book sparked protests from Leftist and Muslim intellectuals and writers in the state on those days.Ibrahim al-Rubaish’s name was also reportedly included in the Saudi Interior Ministry’s 2009 list of most wanted terrorists.

The poem was written when al-Rubaish was a detainee at the US’s Guantanamo Bay detention centre between 2001 and 2006.He was handed over to the US authorities by the Pakistan military after his capture from the Afghan border in 2001.

A Saudi national, he was transferred to Saudi Arabia in 2006 but he reportedly escaped custody after that.

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