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Another Swayamsevak’s life has been taken away in Kannur

In diamond mukku near Kathiroor, RSS Kannur Jilla Sareerik Shikshan Pramukh Shri. K Manoj  has been brutally murdered. Another Swayamsevak is seriously injured. After making a chaotic scene by throwing the bomb, the attackers used sword to injure the victims. While bringing the injured to Indira Gandhi Sahakarana hospital, Manoj died on the way itself.

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Good people should come forward to understand the Sangh:Dr Mohan Bhagwat

കണ്ണൂരില്‍ സി.പി.എമ്മിന്റെ നരനായാട്ട്‌ വീണ്ടും

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