Ansari Joins Muslim Radicals.

Ansari Joins Muslim Radicals.

Former Vice President of India Hamid Ansari participated in a seminar organised by Islamist outfit PFI, known to be the new avatar of SIMI.

Former Vice President of Bharat Hamid Ansari once again proved that he opts to keep aloof from the main stream of national life by participating in the programme of an extremist Muslim organisation, Popular Front of India (PFI). Mohammed Ansari has created a new controversy by inaugurating a seminar, in Kozhikode, Kerala, organised under the joint auspices of National Women’s Front (NWF), the ladies’ wing of PFI and Islamic Chair, supported by a Delhi-based Institute of Objective Studies. PFI, operating in all southern states, is infamous for its radical violent ideologies. It is known to be the new avatar of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI, the outlawed outfit, allegedly involved in several anti-national activities.

The NIA is reported to have informed the Union Home Ministry that the PFI has been involved in terror acts, including running terror camps and making bombs and it was a clear case to be declared banned under UAPA. The PFI reportedly does have presence in 23 states and is the strongest in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Ansari Faces Public Wrath
This latest incident comes close on heels of Anasari’s derogative remark on the eve of his retirement from the Vice Presidentship that the unease and sense of insecurity prevail among Muslims in Bharat. This statement had invited the wrath of all sensible citizens of the country.
Even though Calicut University had given permission to conduct the programme in the campus, VC Dr. K. Mohammed Basheer withdrew the permission based on a written complaint filed by the Federation of Muslim Colleges, the governing council of the Islamic Chair. One of the reasons for the denial is some organizations which were not mentioned in the application had come up at the last moment as organizers. So, the venue was changed to another auditorium in the city. PFI chief E. Abubaker told the seminar that the women’s study centre of the Institute of Objective Studies and a library would be established in Kozhikode. Abubaker promised PFI’s support for the project. A.S. Sainaba, the chairperson of NWF addressed the programme too. Recently she came to media glare due to her involvement in the ‘Akhila’ Love Jihad case.

Calicut University Denied Permission
Education Protection Council (EPC), an RSS-inspired organisation, lauded the VC for his bold action of denying the permission to conduct the programme on the campus. VC has crushed the conspiracy to misuse the varsity’s facilities for anti-national activities. EPC expressed its regret for the former VP’s deterioration as a tool in the hands of PFI. He forgets that he was elevated to the strata of M.C. Chagla and APJ; it is the fault of the ‘people’ who tried to elevate him to that status.

BJP has already protested against Ansari’s participation in the programme. The same time Congress is in a hot soup as Ansari was made the VP and given two terms during UPA. They find it difficult to justify Ansari’s action. No doubt, he proved that religion was first and country was second for the former Vice President.
Thirteen PFI activists attacked a Christian professor in Kerala for the alleged blasphemy and chopped off his hand. A group of PFI activists were arrested by NIA for the infamous Narath Arms Training in Kannur, the CPM bastion. NIA had accused 21 PFI workers for conducting the training in bomb making. NIA convicted them and sent to jail. Karnataka police arrested 5 PFI workers for murdering Sharath Madivala, an RSS worker. CPM veteran V.S. Achuthanandan had stated in 2010 when he was the CM of the state that PFI worked for the “Islamisation of Kerala”. Now, the outfit is under the keen surveillance of NIA for its activities pertaining to Love Jihad, especially in the wake of the Akhila case in Vaikkom,Kottayam and several other extremist activities.