11:15 pm - Thursday March 22, 2018

As the Red jihad manifests….

The much whispered unholy alliance between communists and jihadist elements in Kerala, a practise that was lurking under public view for many years  has now  finally come forth  openly for all of us to witness. This unholy alliance and tactic vote bank appeasement politics has gathered more steam under Pinarayi Vijayan’s recent ministry. The recent state welcome laid out for Abdul Nasser Madani a vocal jihadist and the observations from Supreme Court about the Kerala Police in Akhila case are prime examples. Unfortunately it is the nationalist voices that are being regularly targeted by this alliance. The latest incident has occurred in Tirur, Malappuram today with K. Vipin, the Mandal Shareerik Shikshan Pramukh being hacked to death. 

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K. Vipin, Thriprangod Mandal Sharirik Shikshan pramukh hacked to death in Tirur.

Vipin (23) was attacked in Tirur at about 7 am. He was on his motorbike, heading to his workplace, when the armed assailants intercepted and assaulted him. Vipin suffered multiple injuries in the attack and was rushed to a hospital where he was declared dead.

The Red Jihadist elements have been stoking fire in this region for the last one year. The recent provocation was the enactment of 1921 riots in public view as a demonstration carrying lethal weapons. As a result the recent trend of RSS / Hindu Munnani (Hindu Co-ordination Committee) workers being murdered across South India by jihadists has now crossed over to Kerala. The incidents have been reported from Mangaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore and Selam. Whilst the Islamic terror groups execute the murders, the left provides them with administrative and logistics cover.

Popular Front of India March to Mark anniversary of Khilafat in Manjeri

It is our earnest appeal to the general public to have these Red Jihadist elements isolated in society and be brought to book. We should condemn and act against these anti social elements who are now thriving in Kerala under the left government’s patronage. 







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SDPI March to mark anniversary of Moplah Lahala in Malappuram District

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RSS Sarsanghachalak hoists flag at Karnaki Amman School, Palakkda

സര്‍സംഘചാലകിനെ വിലക്കാന്‍ ശ്രമിച്ച സംഭവം; പ്രധാനമന്ത്രിയുടെ ഓഫീസ് വിശദീകരണം തേടി

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