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Kerala celebrates Sree Krishna Jayanthi

Shri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. Balagokulam, an organisation of children, initiated by RSS celebrated Sree Krishna Jayanti/ Gokulashtami all across kerala with all its charm and devotion.All the cities and villages have marked the auspicious birthday of Lord Sree Krishna. Hundreds and thousands of kids and Krishna devotees participated in the Shobha Yatras organized by Balagokulam. More than 5000 places witness mammoth Shobhayatras, through out the state. Social leaders and saintly men and intellectuals come forward to grace and address the programmes of Balagokulam.Shri Radhakrishnan Paleri inaugurated the celebrations in Kozhikkode

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Krishna Bhajans, devotional songs and other cultural programs attracted many. The playful kids in Krishna attires, the presentation of ancient stories with floats and forms refilled the minds of devotees.As a part of the celebrations, ‘Gopuja’ festivities are being celebrated in major temples and public places in the state , Cultural meets and Uriyadi competitions would also be held as a part of the celebrations

There would be many floats depicting major parts from the life history of Lord Krishna. This would range from Kamsan, Poothana, to Balagopalan stealing butter with his friends to Kannan being tied to a grinding stone by Yasodha to Krishna on the chariot during geetha sara sandharbha, Rugmini swayamvara and so on…

































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‘Balagokulam’ celebrates Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Kerala

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