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Breaking all barriers Nation celebrates Raksha bandhan today

Honourable President Pranab Mukherjee and Vice President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Narendra Modi have extended their wishes to the people of the country on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Rakshabandhan were held  in schools,colleges, RSS sakhas all over India today (Shravana Poornima).

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to celebrate the sacred bond of love and affection between siblings with lots of verve.
On the day of Rakhi festival, the sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and both make prayer to God for the well being of each other. Sisters perform ‘aarti’ and put tilak on the forehead of her brother. In return, brothers make promise to take care of his sister under all circumstances. Usually, brothers gift something to the sister to mark the occasion. The mirth that surrounds the festival is unsurpassed. Amidst the merriment the rituals are also followed with great devotion. The festival is also known as Rakhi Purnima as it falls on the full moon day of the Hindu month ‘Shravana’. The month of Shravana is the month of gods and pujans (worships) and the full moon day being the most important day of all. Rakhi Purnima is important in more than one way. Since, the festival is celebrated in many states, it is known with many names and rituals but the only thing that does not change is the prayer and pledge for the protection of siblings.

Different regions have different beliefs pertaining to Raksha Bandhan and follow different rituals. In the Western Ghats, rakhi is considered to be an offering to Lord Varuna – the Lord of the sea. Lord Varuna is offered Coconuts. On this day, coconuts are thrown into the sea as a ritual. Here, the festival of Rakhi is known as Nariyal Purnima, and it is also marks the beginning of the fishing season.

Avani Avittam in South India
In South India, Raksha Bandhan is called Avani Avittam.

Kajari Purnima in North India
Kajari Purnima is the name by which the festival of Rakhi is known in North India. The festival is celebrated when wheat and barley are sown in this region. Goddess Bhagwati is worshipped and farmers seek her blessings for a good crop. The name Baleva signifies the might of King Bali and his devotion to lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

In Gujarat people offer water to the Shivalinga every Monday of the month. On Rakhi Purnima they offer water and pray to God for forgiveness. In one ceremony known as Pavitropana, a few twisted filaments of cotton are soaked in panchagaivya (mixture of cow’s ghee, milk, curd, urine and excreta) and then fastened around a shivalinga.

In Scriptures, Raksha Bandhan is described as ‘Punya Pradayak’ which means a day that bestows boons to the generous ‘Vish Tarak’ the destroyer of venom or the vicious ‘Pap Nashak’ the destroyer of sins.



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