11:08 pm - Thursday March 22, 2018

Can India Save Yazidis ? : P Parameswaran

The cruel persecution and near-elimination of a miniscule race ‘the Yazidis’ by the ISIS with out creating a storm of protest from the world at large raises certain frightening and fundamental questions. We are living in a globalised world where mutual contact and communication and safe passage from one country to another are generally the norm. But how is it that the Yazidis could not find an escape route and get external support for evacuating them?



There had been instances of persecution all through history. When the Jews were persecuted, they came to India and remained, not only safe and secure but also with absolute freedom of worship, as a trading community in Kerala. Later on when the Parsis were persecuted they too came to India and lived and served India as a flourishing and prosperous community. In the wide ocean of Indian population, Jews and Parsis were an invisible minority known for their loyal and faithful contribution to India. If historical tradition could be a guide, Yazidis could have been given safe asylum in India. But, in today’s world situation many Indians themselves are stranded in Mosul and other places under the Jihadis, they have yet to be liberated and brought to India. There is a lot of similarities between the Yazidis and Indian cultural and traditional practices. Yet we could not save them. But the major crime should be laid on the powerful nations and the UNO for failing in their fundamental human duty. Are ISIS so mighty, that no power in the world effectively challenge them?



Another basic question is regarding the stunning silence so demonstrably observed by the Leftist progressive intellectuals of India irrespective of religion. In the question of Palestine, they were so vociferous in their protest. The whole world knows that had it not been well prepared and equipped resistance by Israel, it would not be possible for them to survive. It may not be diplomatic to say, let it is altruism that the right of survival is fundamental and Jews are no exception. What furore was raised, and countywide protest rallies were organised against Israel. Is the case of the vanishing tribe of Yazidis received no attention from these human right activists. It was encouraging to see that Pope, the head of world Christian community, made a statement that this cruelty against a section of humanity is an act which neither man nor God should forgive. Can India save the few remaining Yazidi people from total extinction?

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ബി.ജെ.പി തരംഗം കേരളത്തിലും; കണ്ണൂരില്‍ മുന്‍ ബ്രാഞ്ച്‌ സെക്രട്ടറി അടക്കം നൂറുക്കണക്കിനു സി.പി.എം, സി.പി.ഐ,പ്രവർത്തകർ ബി.ജെ.പിയില്‍

ഉരുള്‍പ്പൊട്ടലില്‍ തകര്‍ന്ന വിതുര ബോണക്കാട് റോഡ് സ്വയംസേവകര്‍ ഗതാഗതയോഗ്യമാക്കി

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