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CPM Atrocities in Kerala Communists are Violators of human Rights: Rajnath Singh

The communist ideology is based on violent reactions and its basic element is intolerance. They don’tbelieve in giving space to other ideologies. The recent violence in Nandigram by the CPI(M) goons and the continuous murders and attacks on the civilians who oppose the communist ideology in Kerala, since last more than 40 years, unmasked the ugly and fascist face of the communists,? said BJP president Shri Rajnath Singh while honouring the victims of the political violence in Kerala on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, which falls on December 10. The Kerala unit of BJP organised a special human rights convention in Delhi to highlight the communist atrocities and heinous crimes carried out with the support of the CPM regime in Kerala. In fact the communists are the worst violators of the human rights, Shri Rajnath Singh said.

The BJP chief stated that the CPM goons have been unleashing violence targeting the nationalist forces since last four decades, and the common man including even the women and children are not spared. They use the brute forces to destroy the democratic process wherever they rule, be it Kerala or West Bengal. Shri Rajnath Singh condemned the attacks on the innocent people of Kerala and announced that the victims would be given 25 thousand each from the party fund for their treatment and if any victim is treated in Delhi then the party would bear all the expenses. While honouring the 15 victims of Kannur district, who were brought to Delhi for the convention, Shri Singh expressed his concern for them and said that the only reason for the communist atrocities on these innocent people is that they denied to follow the communist ideology and decided to work for other organisations.

Shri Balbir Punj, who is in charge of Kerala BJP, said that political murders and violence have become a normal incident both in Kerala and West Bengal. In fact the communist party is directly conspirating against the innocent people who are obstructing communism and diverting to other schools of thought.

Shri Chandan Mitra, MP, Rajya Sabha and Editor, The Pioneer, while addressing the gathering spoke about the reign of terror that has been unleashed in Nandigram. Shri Mitra, who was a member of the NDA delegation that visited Nandigram, said that the villagers in Nandigram were so feared that they were not ready to talk to the NDA delegation. He also explained in detail about the endemic violence of the CPM cadres in Kerala. He lauded the spirit of the workers who came all the way from Kerala to expose the ugly face of the CPI(M) in the capital and to rouse the nation’sconscience.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Krishna Das, president, Kerala BJP, said that the human rights convention organised by the party unit in the national capital was aimed at highlighting the violence of CPM cadres before the nation. He said that in Kerala the CPM is snatching the rights of the people and we are witnessing the fascist face of the CPM both in Nandigram and Kannur. He informed that the brutalities perpetrated by the CPM have no parallels and those who shout for the human rights at the rooftops are violating the basic democratic values and attacking people who are working for other organisations. He added that there are a lot of state CPM leaders who are facing the criminal charges for attacking many RSS activists in Kerala.

The victims who were present at the convention in the capital were: Shri P.K. Sudish having 16 wound injuries and right hand is immobile, Shri Harindran having 52 wounds in his body and left hand is disabled, Shri Prakash Babu having multiple injuries, Shri Projile, RSS Pracharak, having 36 wounds in the body and not able to walk, Shri Harindra Nath whose hand fingers are cut, Shri Ashokan having 20 wounds in body, Shri Premjit with multiple injuries and his father Babu was murdered, Shri Sajan with multiple injuries, Shri Vinod Panur whose both hands and legs were injured, Shri Prashad Kavyur, whose right leg is severely injured, Shri Bhaskaran Patiyan, whose younger brother was also murdered and he has multiple injuries, Shri Prasun, a cricketer, whose left leg was amputated while playing, Shri Tilakan, a labour, who is totally disabled and his wife and children committed suicide due to poverty, Shri Sadananda Master, an RSS Pracharak, whose both legs are injured and is still working as Bouddhik Pramukh of Trichur Mahanagar.

Among the prominent persons who were present at the convention were BJP leader Shri Arun Jaitley, Shri Ram Lal, general secretary, organisation, Shri Rajiv Prasad Rudy, Delhi BJP chief Dr Harshvardhan, Kerala BJP vice president Shri Muralidharan and Shri A. N. Radhakrishnan. ?


The News Was published in organiser on 23.12.2007

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