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CPM Killings Again in Kannur

Keeping its commitment of killing at least one Sangh Parivar activist every week, CPM goons butchered advocate P.P. Valsaraj Kurup (37) on March 4 at Panur near Thalassery in Kannur district.

Valsaraj, a leading, bright and energetic advocate of the Thalassery Bar, was also a Mandal Karyakarta of the BJP and former Bauddhik Pramukh of the RSS. He was a darling of the local populace as he took up several cases of the poor and the oppressed, free of cost. Despite threats, he relentlessly fought CPM criminal gangs who were involved in bomb manufacturing, money laundering, hawala transactions and financing at enormous interest rates called ?blade mafia?. Moreover due to his activities, general public and CPM cadres started coming to BJP programmes and Sangh shakhas. This irritated the local CPM leadership and they wanted to kill him at any cost.

At 11.50 pm on March 4, around 10 men came to Valsaraj’shouse and knocked at his door. They claimed that there had been a road accident nearby and they sought his legal help for the driver of the vehicle, at the nearby police station. Initially Valsaraj was reluctant to open the door, but when they mentioned the name of a friend, he opened the door. They immediately pulled him out of the house, took him to a nearby by-lane and hit his head with an iron rod. Valsaraj’swife, Bindu, also an advocate, who rushed on hearing his cries, was also attacked. With axes and swords, they dismembered both his legs. The neighbours who rushed on hearing the cries of Valsaraj and his wife were threatened with bombs. They left the scene after ensuring his death?a gory scene that has been enacted the umpteenth time in Kannur, for the past three decades!

During the post-emergency period, thousands of CPM cadres, disillusioned with it and appreciative of the RSS/BJS flocked to the Sangh. This resulted in RSS-CPM clashes in Kannur and other pockets of Kerala. The CPM, especially in Kannur, does not want any other party or ideology to function in its strongholds. With Congress and other parties meekly surrendering to the CPM’shegemony, it was left only to the RSS to fight back against CPM’sterrorism. Despite losing almost 200 cadres and permanent disabilities, loss of property, attacks on women and children, the RSS has been able to contain the CPM to a great extent, and still saffron flags are flying bravely and honourably in CPM red forts of Panur, Thalassery etc.

The CPM hegemony is beyond description in Kannur. No polling agent of other parties are allowed to sit in booths during elections. Houses of other party activists are locked from outside, itching powder strewn on benches and honest poll staff including women are attacked and humiliated. Scientific rigging is on in Kannur. Maybe as a ?national wonder?, party villages exist in Kannur, where only CPM men can live. Any outsider coming in is closely followed. Nobody marries into a RSS family in Kannur?a CPM order. Even sons are not allowed to participate in deaths/marriages in the family, for the only crime, that they belong to RSS. A few years ago a grandfather belonging to the CPM gave orders for killing of his grandson, because he belonged to the RSS! Party is thicker than blood!

Like Pannyannur Chandran, who was killed before his wife and son, like K.T. Jayakrishnan, who was cut to pieces in front of the students he was teaching, Valsaraj was butchered right in front of his wife, five-year-old daughter Devipriya and three-month-old daughter Lakshmi Priya. The CPM savagery knows no age. Three years back, in Thiruvananthapuram, both legs of a five-year-old daughter of an RSS activist was chopped off.

The body of Valsaraj, after post-mortem, was cremated at his compound, in the presence of thousands of local people, swayamsevaks and leaders of RSS and Parivar organisations. The CPM is answerable to the wailing cries of the young woman advocate and two tiny tots who are yet to come to the truth of their loving father’s demise.

Courtesy : organiser

The news was published in organiser on 1.04.2007

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