Since the results of parliamentary elections in 2014, many people in national and international media are interested in the RSS. Many people are also curious about joining the RSS activities. Very few of them are really aware of what RSS is. What are the objectives of this organisation, which looks omnipresent in India? Since Partition in 1947 to recent relief work in Jammu Kashmir floods, how is that RSS swayamsevaks reach there first to help out fellow citizens. What is so special about this organisation that many critics and non-members also regard it as a credible force for change? How RSS can inspire its members to make their presence felt not only in political but almost all walks of life? To get answers to all these and many more questions, we need to understand and appreciate the life and vision of RSS founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar who has sown the seeds of eternity by simple techniques of igniting the spirit of nationalism in ordinary people. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, Organiser presents this special edition dedicated to this legend.