10:11 pm - Wednesday March 21, 2018

RSS in no way linked to marriage row, terms it vicious propaganda

Gautham or his family are not at all connected with any Sangh activity or related organizations.There is a concerted and vicious effort in the media and social media platform depicting the youngster, who married a Dental College student, Anshida, under Special Marriage Act, as an RSS activist.

This propaganda is aimed at creating an impression that RSS was behind the whole episode, thus creating an atmosphere for  the Muslim fundamentalists to create a  volatile situation by  way of  spewing  communal venon so as to foment religious hatred among the communities in the area and  justify their terrorist acts against the family of the newly wedded couple. The  RSS is in no way connected with the issue.

It was reported that an organized attack was carried out last night at the house of Gautham by the Muslim fundamentalists, who also had reportedly threatened to eliminate his family. Later, the miscreants retreated when the neighbours who heard screams, reached the spot and resisted.

Under the life-threatening situation, the whole family is unable to move out and is living in a state of “house-arrest.”.  The newly married couple were classmates and their romance started during school days. They got married on October 8, 2014 at the Sports Council Hall, Kozhikode. Retired Headmaster of Paleri MLP School, Sudhakaran, and his, wife Jalaja Teacher, have wholeheartedly  agreed with their son’s decision and have also  welcomed the daughter-in-law into their family. Meanwhile, the parents of Anshida filed a habeas corpus, which was rejected by the court, allowing the girl to live with Gautham.

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