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Hindu culture alone unites all citizens of Bharat: Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Agra, Nov. 5: “Bharat is not just a piece of land. The treasure of virtues and values of Bharat is known as ‘Hindutv’ in the world. This Hindu culture is all encompassing and covers each and every citizen of Bharat irrespective of his or her way of worship”, said Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat.


Dr Bhagwat was interacting with the citizens of Agra held during the three-day ‘Yuva Sankalp Shivir’ held at this historical city from Nov.1-3, 2014. Attended by over 5000 swayamsevaks drawn from ‘Braj Prant’ of RSS, was unique in a number of aspects.The RSS Chief said that there was no parallel to RSS in the entire world. One needed a proper vision and curiosity to know and understand the RSS and this can be achieved by attending the daily shakha of the RSS, he said extending an invitation to all to join the RSS activities.




Referring to the hard life of RSS founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar he said that in spite of the hardships he faced, Dr Hedgewar associated himself with the revolutionaries, Congress and its non-violence satyagraha movement, and finally came to the conclusion that the pre-requisite for nation building was organizing the Hindu society.Organized, homogenous and strong Hindu society displaying patriotism and fraternity can only make this country great. Convinced with this realization, he started the RSS and evolved its daily shakha system to bring Hindus together.


It is through this shakhas that the swayamsevaks are being told that all Hindus are brothers as they are the children of same motherland. This bond of oneness arising out of the strong sense of belongingness helped RSS unite the Hindu society.He said that we need to restrict our individualities and merge them in the greater national identity which is known as Hindutv or Hindu culture. You may call this Bharatiya culture or Arya Culture but the world has accepted it as Hindu culture, Dr Bhagwat said adding that this Hindutv is beyond all religions, sects, and identities and unites all the citizens of this country rising above the petty differences of language, creed, color and sects.


Informing about the strength of RSS he said that at present there are 40 lakh swayamsevaks in the population of 121 crore who attend 30,000 shakhas and 60,000 weekly shakhas in the country.He also said that the RSS is planning a massive camp of swaymsevaks engaged in service activities in the country. At present the RSS swayamsevaks are conducting 1,38,000 service projects in various parts of the country for the benefit of our neglected, downtrodden, exploited and deprived sections of the society to ameliorate their material condition and to bring them at par with the national standards.He exuded confidence that the RSS would be able to achieve the target of one crore swayamsevaks before it completes 100 years of its existence in Bharat.




Defending reservation the RSS Chief lamented that this was used to further the vested political interests instead of improving their condition.He, therefore, suggested forming a non-political committee that would survey and put the factual position in its correct perspective on reservation provided so far.He also underlined the fact that RSS did not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste etc. We believe that all are the children of Mother Bharat and share same ancestors and culture, he added.


Addressing students he said Bharat is a very old nation but in absence of strong nationalist feeling we became slaves for over 1000 years. The RSS has been working to organize the Hindu society so that such an unfortunate situation was not repeated in future.Referring to all the developed nations in the world Dr Bhagwat said that these nations achieved this greatness not because of their leaders, but because of their common people who were patriotic, dedicated and always put the nation first in their personal agenda. If we want to make Bharat great we also will have to follow the same path, he added. We need to improve quality of the people and inject in them the spirit of nationalism and patriotism.




He said that the diversity was the peculiar to Bharat with its unifying thread lying in the concept of Hindutv which is our national identity. The basis of this Hindutv is ‘Vasudhaiv Kutambakam’ (The whole earth is one family).Kshetra Sanghchalak Darshanlal Arora and Braj Prant Saqnghchalak Dr A P Singh were seated on the dais along with the RSS Chief. The camp was attended by 5050 swayamsevaks including 2250 graduates, 750 post-graduates, 507 technical graduates, 300 professionals, 90 professors, 153 teachers and 1000 activists.

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