It is not right to violate Shastras: China Jeeyar on Sabarimalai verdict

Every temple has certain stipulations and while believers should abide by them, non-believers should stay away from temples, said Tridandi Srimannarayana China Jeeyar Swamy. Speaking to reporters in Chennai, he questioned why the Supreme Court, which delivered a verdict about women’s entry into the Sabarimala shrine, did not take a similar stance in relation to mosques.

He criticised that there is increased political interference in matters pertaining to temples and Shastras. He said it is not right for Supreme Court to deliver judgments that are violative of Shastras. The Constitution has granted everyone some rights and it is up to individuals to avail of those rights without causing any damage to society, he said. “Lord Ayyappa is on a hill. Those who are believers can go and visit him. Non-believers have no business to enter the shrine,’ he said and added that ‘it is not proper for others to interfere in the rights given to Shastras in the Constitution.