Janaraksha Yatra – Cutting Red Corners.

Janaraksha Yatra – Cutting Red Corners.

Amit Shah flags off Janaraksha Yatra against Red-Jihadis in Kerala with the slogan “All have to live”

Janaraksha Yatra led by the BJP Kerala State President Kummanam Rajasekharan was flagged off by party’s National President Amit Shah on October 3, 2017 at Payyannur, Kannur, the district known for the worst form of red terrorism for the last more than four decades. The Yatra is meant for public enlightenment about the danger of Red-Jihadi terrorism. The very presence of the National President increased the enthusiasm and fervor of the party workers in geometrical progression. Thousands of people including party workers and sympathisers gathered to hear Amit Shah and other leaders in Payyanur, the venue of the inaugural function.

CPM has been in the killing spree since 1969 in Kerala. Even though they attack the cadres of all parties and organisations, their prime target has been RSS, BJP and other Sangh-inspired movements. CPM’s violent attack against RSS and BJP reaches the peak whenever they come to power. Twelve out of fourteen political murders that took place in Kerala since CPM supremo Pinarayi Vijayan took over the reins of power on May 25, 2016 are of the workers of RSS, BJP or other RSS-inspired organisations. The number of people who are fatally injured, partially or permanently disabled is innumerable. Even though CPM is taking the same sort of violent postures throughout the state, their attacks in Kannur district against the political rivals are much higher than the total figures from other districts put together.

At the same time Islamic Jihadi forces are indulging in anti-national activities in larger scale than they used before. Love Jihad, murders, attacks, conspiracies, harbouring divisive and terrorist groups, etc. have become the order of the day. Lot of RSS, BJP and BMS workers have lost their lives in Jihadi attacks. Kerala can never forget the brutal daylight killing of eight Hindus in Maradu in May, 2013. Since then several RSS, BJP and ABVP workers have been killed by the Jihadis, latest being Vipin of Tanoor, Malappuram district, killed couple of months before. The Jihadi forces enjoy all sorts of patronage in the state thanks to the tough competition between the Congress-led Opposition UDF and the CPM-led ruling LDF in pampering them. Whether it is Abdul Nasser Madani’s bail matter or presence of IS man’s hand in Kanakamala terrorist camp, both Fronts are for vote bank politics, that is against the national interests. Even though a judicial court observes the presence of Love Jihad in a particular case, both Fronts are there with the banner of ‘Human Rights’. This is what people see in the cases of Akhila and Athira. No serious inquiries were held against the infamous Peace International School in Kochi where the syllabi itself generate religious hatred and fanaticism among small children. Both CPM and Congress are least bothered about the twenty one people including young girls and babies who fled the country and later on informed their family men that they had joined IS.

The afore-mentioned scenario underlines in bold letters the relevance of Janaraksha Yatra of Kerala BJP. The BJP National President explained the background in a vivid manner in his inaugural speech. Yatra upholds the citizen’s Right to Live. He was referring to CPM’s party villages in Kannur where the members of non-CPM parties are not entitled to the right to live, let alone the right to have the liberty to join and work for the bodies they prefer. Amit Shah told that RSS and other nationalist organisations have lost more than 120 people in the state and 84 of such murders took place in Kannur, the home district of Pinarayi Vijayan, the CPM Chief Minister of the State. He pointed out that Pinarayi Vijayan is responsible for the bloodshed in the state. Janraksha Yatra is the organised form of the whole countrymen, not only of BJP. The RSS-BJP workers of Kerala are not alone in this struggle. Workers of BJP across the country are with the state unit in their endeavour to fight the red terrorism.

The BJP President said that Kerala, once the land of social reformers, is now the land of blood baths. Wherever CPM rules, violence is their cup of tea there. This is what we see in Tripura and Bengal. This is what we saw in Bengal. When they are in power, their politics of violence violates all limits. But, their violence will not weaken BJP, it will only strengthen it. BJP will finish the superiority of CPM in Kerala. In this context, CPM should introspect. Their politics of violence finished them everywhere. Their presence is confined to couple of states. But, BJP expands and grows everywhere. BJP chief came down heavily on the Human Rights activists. They are of selective approach and intervention. They protest against lot of incidents. They should also protest when BJP workers are killed. Violence has got no colour. But, human rights activists ignore red terror. If CPM makes muddy ponds, no doubt, lotus will bloom there, Amit Shah said. Every BJP worker of the country will remember the martyrs of Kerala.

Several national leaders and all state leaders, including Richard Hey and Suresh Gopi, Rajya Sabha MPs from Kerala and Union Minister Alphons Kannathanam participated in the programme. Later on when the march started, Amit Shah walked about nine kilometers along with the leaders and workers. When Devangana (15) rendered Vande Mataram in the inaugural ceremony, the whole participants, both on the dais and off the dais turned emotional; her father CK Ramachandran, a BJP worker, was murdered by the CPM killers in front of her hardly couple of years before. O Rajagopal presided over the inaugural function at the Vadikkal Ramakrishan Nagar named after the first RSS martyr in Kannur district killed in April, 1969. Kummanam Rajasekharan, national joint organising secretary BL Santosh, Kerala leaders CK Padmanabhan, Adv PS Sreedharan Pillai, V Muraleedharan, AN Radhakrishnan, PK Krishnadas, Shobha Surendran, KP Shreeshan, K Surendran, Pondicherry State President V Swaminath MLA, Thanka Vikraman, S Selva Ganapathi MLA, national secretary Nalin Kattil MP, BJYM leaders Sourav Choudhary and Arun Anand, Haryana State President Maneesh Yadav, Karnataka general secretary CT Ravi, Kerala organising secretary and joint organising secretary M Ganesh and Subhash respectively and leaders of all NDA constituents in Kerala participated in the programme on the first day.

The star attraction of the Yatra on the second day (October 4) was the UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Yogi led the Yatra through the streets of CPM bastions like Keecheri and Kalyasseri, the birth place of the late CPM veteran and former CM EK Nayanar. Local people gave hearty welcome to the Yatra. Thousands of people including women marched in the Yatra. CM Yogi Adityanath and the Union Minister of State for Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla addressed the public meeting in the evening at Kannur. The people received Yogi as a mass leader as well as a sanyasin. He could boost the ecstasy Amit Shah had kicked off the first day.

Despite growing influence of BJP in Kerala, CPM is facing serious internal problems too. The leadership’s anti Hindu stands and open support to Jihadis have created confusions within its ranks as majority of them are Hindus. Political observers believe that this will result in large scale exodus of CPM men to RSS and BJP soon. Therefore, the Janaraksha Yatra is going to play as a catalyst in garnering more support to the BJP in the State.