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#Junglerajinkerala,Massive protest was organised by Jan Adhikar Sammithi at Jantar Mantar,New Delhi

New Delhi, 14 May 2017: Today a massive protest was organised by Jan Adhikar Sammithi against the brutal murder of RSS Ramanthali Mandal Karyavah Biju. The huge gathering was addressed by Smt. Shobha Surendran, Shri. Sunil Yadav and Advocate Monika Arora.

During her Presidential address BJP Kerala State General Secretary Shobha Surendran took potshots at the present Communist regime. She was skeptical of the present law and order situation in the state of Kerala. She asked the Governor as to why no stringent action was being taken even after such rise in crime and particular targeting of RSS workers. She said that “people who were responsible for the first political murder are being at the helm of affairs and hence such atrocity against people supporting Nationalist ideology”.

 Continuing on the stringent attack on Communists, the Convener of Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) Smt Monica Arora reiterated the fact that P Vijayan who is the present CM was main accused in the first political murder of Vadikkal Ramakrishnan. She further elaborated that the increase in violence is a direct result of the spread of nationalist ideology which is increasingly denting the prospects of Communist surge in the state of Kerala.

Further on during the address by Yuvamorch Delhi State Unit President Shri Sunil Yadav, he stressed on the hypocrite nature of Communist Parties who, talk of Freedom of Speech in JNU and kill innocent RSS workers in Kerala in the utmost brutal manner. 

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