Kanhaiya Kumar earned Rs. 8.5 Lakh despite being ‘unemployed’.

New Delhi: The blue-eyed boy of the left and separatists, Kanhaiya Kumar has declared Rs. 8.5 Lakh as his annual income in the nomination papers he filed for contesting from the Begusarai constituency for the CPI. Surprisingly, in the same nomination papers, he declares that he is ‘unemployed’.

The hardcore communist leader has investments and savings in banks to the tune of Rs. 3,57,848. His house in Begusarai is worth Rs.2 lakh.

The student leader claims that he does freelance writing and lectures in universities to earn a living. He also says that his income comes from his book ‘Bihar to Tihar’.

Kanhaiya Kumar shot to limelight when police arrested him after he organized an event in JNU University to commemorate the hanged Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. He along with other separatist leaders shouted anti-India slogans and condemned the hanging of the terrorist Afzal Guru.

Rahul Gandhi rushed to JNU in solidarity with the student leader and the separatist forces backing Kanhaiya Kumar. The whole affair was given maximum coverage by the media. Left intellectuals quickly turned the affair into a fight between ‘intolerant government’ and ‘champions of free speech’.

However, investigations by Delhi police and JNU administration confirms that anti-India slogans were raised during the event organized by Kanhaiya Kumar.

There was a huge outcry at that time against the anti-India stand of Kanhaiya Kumar and many questioned if the government should subsidize the education of students who openly speak against the very idea of India as a nation. Some criticized his advanced age for pursuing education and said that he was wasting tax payers money by using his student status to do political work in the university.

Kanhaiya Kumar will contest against Union Minister Giriraj Singh and Rashtriya Janata Dal’s Tanveer Haasan.

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