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Kerala chief secretary Jiji Thomson talks of spreading gospel of Jesus at church meeting

Kerala: Kerala Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson has called upon the Church to spread Christianity in India.
While addressing a seminary in Kottayam recently, the Chief Secretary said that everyone should take up the mission to spread the gospel of Jesus across the world. “It was Biblically imperative to bring people unto Jesus,” he added,th


Delivering the keynote address during the valedictory function of the bicentenary celebration of old theological seminary of Malankara Orthodox Church in Kottayam on Thursday, Thomson said the biggest legacy of the Church is to preach gospel.


Thomson belongs to the Malankara Orthodox Church, a prominent non-Catholic Church in Kerala. He spoke in the presence of Kerala Governor P Sathasivam, who was the chief guest during the ceremony.
Thomson started his speech saying, “I am standing before you not as the chief secretary of Kerala, but as a proud son of Malankara Orthodox Church.’’


In his speech which had evangelization as the main thread, Thomson said, “you and I should take up the duty to preach gospel across the world. The biggest mission of the Church is spread the gospel. The Bible clearly says about that mission. This is an occasion for self introspection with regard to the mission of the Church.”


Recalling the experience of world famous evangelist Billy Graham, Thomson said “we need not wait until we hear from big shots.’’Quoting from Bible regarding preaching, Thomson said “it is a Biblical imperative to bring others to Christ. Today, the biggest mission of the Church is to spread the Gospel.’’


He said the mute question is how that (spreading Gospel) is possible. “There are three ways for it; personal evangelism, church evangelism and mass evangelism. In the next two months, you would witness in Kerala a series of incidents of mass evangelism during Bible conventions.’’
Among these three ways, Thomson said, “you and I can do personal evangelism which does not require the help of clergy.’’


Narrating the story how a paralyzed boy spread Gospel from his apartment, the Chief Secretary said, “why we, who don’t have any disability, can’t go for personal evangelization like that boy.’’
Referring to church evangelism, Thomson said nowadays no one speaks to others in church. No one looks into the problems faced by others. This is not church evangelism. It should be corrected.’’
He said the Church’s mandate is to spread gospel across the world. When that mission is accomplished, we would become another Christ. Only at that moment, I can say I am a Christian,’’ said Thomson.


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