Kerala Public Service Commission hurts Hindu sentiments by asking the name of the women who entered Sabarimala.

Thiruvananthapuram: In a clear bid to hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community in the State, the Kerala Public Service Commission, in one of its exams, included a question that was detrimental to the Hindus.

The question that appeared in the exam for the position of Lecture in Psychiatry asks the names of the women, between the ages of 10 and 50, who first entered the Sabarimala temple after the Supreme Court ruling in September last year.

The question which appeared in the General Knowledge section of the exam also gave four options from which to choose.

Many feel that the question was deliberately included to trivialize the Sabarimala issue. The government’s decision to include such questions is seen as a cheap tactic to hurt the devotees of Ayyappa who have stood strong against government’s move to destroy the ancient rituals of Sabarimala.

It is worthwhile to recollect here that in 2010 the hand of Professor T. J. Joseph was chopped off by Muslim fundamentalists belonging to the Popular Front of India. His crime was that he had included the name ‘Mohammad’ in a question paper he prepared for his students.

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