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Maradu massacre, Kerala’s very first Terrorist attack- says the former Investigation Officer

Maradu massacre was not just a religious clash happened, rather it was the very first terrorist attach occurred in Kerala, Ret: Superintendent of police C.M Pradeep Kumar, the former head of  Special investigation team disclosed while addressing the Maradu reminiscence meeting at Calicut.  Maradu massacre occurred on May 2nd, 2003 during which eight Hindu fishermen were brutally killed by a Muslim mob at  Maradu beach in Kozhikode district, Kerala.

He further pointed out that International terrorist activities and religious fanaticism are not related. By killing eight innocent people, terrorists were planning for a wide spread massive riot and they had made necessary arrangements to carry out the operation. Their objective was to spread the riot through out Malabar region. Similar kind of planning was  done in the Nadapuram attempt in which five Muslim youth were killed in an accidental bast while making bomb in Narikkatteri. In this case, most of the plannings were done in the Middle East, however, they had to return from Koilandy due to the explosion occurred while the youths were trying to transfer bombs to secret locations. He also alleged that the enquiry of this case is also in a frozen stage.

He also admitted that the facts identified by the judicial commission were correct as per his investigation report. Lot of files related to Malabar bomb blast cases has been disappeared, interestingly most of the files got lost from the police station itself  and even some  files from the court too.  Missing of critical files created a situation in which investigation cannot be continued.

Some people in the film industry have illicit relationship with terrorist outfits, enquiry is required  to identity whether they have any connection with outfits in Pakistan. He was transferred 15 times in a period of 6 months, even without the knowledge of Additional DGP Vincent M Paul, he alleged.

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