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Dr. Mohan Bhagwat to inaugurate Learning and Research Center at Tanthra Vidyapeetham Today

Cochin : RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat to inaugurate Learning and Research Center at Tantra Vidyapeetham and Guest House, Today. The campus is located in Veliyathu Nadu, Aluva.

Inherited from great sages, the Kerala Thanthrasasthra was practiced and passed through generations of devout Acharyas. When scholars in the Sasthra became scarce due to deterioration in spiritual and scholarly standards of later generations, Thanthra Vidya Peedham was started to revive and sustain this branch of the ancient body of knowledge.

The vidyapeedham was founded in 1972 by the late Madhavji, a leader of social and spiritual renaissance in Kerala. The institution started functioning with the active cooperate of renowned Acharyas and blessings of Sri Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peedham.

The vidyapeedham is situated in the vicinity of the Cheriyathu Narasimha Swami Temple, on the banks f River Poorna (Periyar), 6 km away from Aluva, 20 km from Kalady and 12 Km from Kochi Airport.

Vidya Peedham follows the traditional Gurukulam system of education under the guidance of the Kulapathi. The students staking the vidyapeedham learn and work together without paying fees or charges other than a Guridakshina. They also get out station training, practice discipline and self reliance and acquaint with the cultural heritage of the country. The student who pass out of the institution as Thanthraratnas are Acharyas having modern education and expertise in temple Sasthra and they always earn appreciation and approbation all-round.



The vidyapeedham provides research facilities in temple Sasthra and Veda. It has an excellent library of rare collections of books – printed and manuscripts – in temple Sasthra, Sanskrit, Veda and other subjects. Scholars and researchers even from abroad visit the vidyapeedham for enrichment of their knowledge. Short term training and orientation classes for Upasakas and Archakas are also organized by the vidyapeedham.

The vidyapeedham has reclaimed and restored in January 2000, the invaluable and traditional expertise of performing “Dravyavruthi”, Kalasham of te highest order which was almost sunk into oblivion due to known performance during the past three or four centuries.

During the Kargil conflict in 1999 the vidyapeedham organized a “Rashtra Reksha Yejnam”, a complex and very rare ritual to wake up the might of the nation for its triumph. The vidyapeedham is managed by committee of renowned Acharyas and eminent persons associated with education, social and cultural activities. It has Acharya council, academic council examination council etc. it has about 72 inmates normally including staff strength of 12.

The institution is financed mainly through donations and sponsorships apart from a partial grant from the ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. In addition to raising finance for meeting the working expenses, the institution is seeking funds for its development projects.

The dignitaries, who have visited the vidyapeedham and appreciated its service to the mankind, include judges of the supreme court and high court, ministers o the union and state, Acharyas of various Mutt and missions, eminent teachers and writers, national leaders of cultural and other organizations and scholars from abroad.

The vidyapeedham is thankful to all who have supported it hitherto in one form or other. It also solicits the wholehearted cooperation and generous contribution from everyone for the attainment of its cherished goal.

Official Website Address of Tantra Vidya Peetham : http://thanthravidyapeedham.org/

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