10:52 pm - Thursday March 22, 2018

OFBJP USA submitted an appeal to Ram madhav ji on the CPM terror against RSS & Bjp in Kannur

OFBJP USA team delegation met with Ram Madhavji at the US Consulate, New York and submitted a memorandum for quick action against Communist brutality against RSS/ BJP activists in Kannur, Kerala. The memorandum was presented to Ram Madhav ji by OFBJP USA president, Shri. Chandrakant Patel, Ex-president Dr. Sunil Adappa, OFBJP Youth Wing Coordinator (NY) Shri. Sivadasan Nair and  Dr. Jayasree Nair


Pls find below the appeal submitted to Ram Madhav ji by OFBJP USA


An Appeal to Stop Marxist Brutality in Kerala Once and For all


We are in deep distress, anger and disappointment, while submitting  this appeal to you. As you are aware that CPM hasinitiated the politics of murder in Kannur once again. Last week. they attacked RSS Kannur district Shareerik shikshan pramukh Manojkumar by heinously beheading him. This is the second Sangh worker got killed by the CPM at Kannur this month.


The pre planned and organized killing by the Communists in Kerala continues to this date despite who holds power at the Center. We have been hearing the horror stories of brutality against Karyakartas of BJP and RSS for more than 40 years starting with Vadikkal Ramakrishnan and it is continuing with the latest one last week with the atrocious killing of RSS karyakarta Shri. Manoj.  Shri. Manoj, as per the swayamsevaks from his neighborhood, was the life force behind Kannur RSS.  By taking his life, Marxist succeeded in stealing the very soul of Sangh which cannot be replaced.  He was a big brother, a torch bearer for scores for young swayamsevaks, who considered life mission to be the protection of each and every one of his sangh brothers and played a vital role in the upbringing of RSS in Kannur, the known marxist fort. Despite four previous murder attempts, he never shifted from the path of Sangh, nothing but Sangh was his life. Scores of Swayamsevaks sacrificed their lives in Kannur who were the bread winners of their poor families, still Sangh survives due to their adherence to Sangh ideology. At the time of postmortem, only possession on Manojji’s body was “Stothra Surabhi” of Sangh.

RSS/ BJP lost two lives to Marxist in one week and the utter coincidence is both RSS chief, Ma. Mohan Bhagavat and BJP President Shri. Amit Shah were present in Kerala during the time of the heinous act.  There has been continuous flow of communist activists to BJP during the parliament election and afterwards.  It is their strategy to terrorize the people to refrain from joining RSS/BJP by killing innocent people. They even terrorize the students and kill them not to join ABVP/RSS (eg. the brutal killing of Sri.Jayakrishnan Master in front of his students in the primary class room and Killing of 19 year old Vishal in his college campus, killing of Vinod last year who had joined RSS/BJP from marxist background).

If we don’t stop this right away, they take advantage of this situation by scaring and stopping more people to join RSS/ BJP and regain their almost lost foundation.  Handing over of the case to CBI is a great move but that itself does not cover the future challenges.  The real culprits behind all these crimes are the leaders and by punishing the scape goats is not solving the real challenge.  We need to stop this with immediate effect and we have to find our best ways of solve this menace.   All possible efforts should be made to intervene the judiciary/police in this genocide with proof and evidences. All necessary steps and actions should be taken by the RSS/BJP/VHP leadership to convince and force the Marxist leadership to intervene immediately in the issue and stop the brutal killing of our karyakartas in Kerala.

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