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Red Barbarians

?It is a shame that even if it is for survival, police are pandering to the vicious instincts of influential politicians by shielding from punishment those who are really guilty and projecting innocent persons listed out from party office. Leaders go unscathed. Party offices have become arsenals. To die a natural death in Kannur is a great fortune these days. Hired killers and gangsters enjoying protection from the politicians in power are vitiating the public life and roam around freely because of the protection they get from party leaders. The cult of violence has become the political ideology.? These were the words of Justice V. Ramkumar of the Kerala High Court. He was hearing a petition from the widow of a victim of political violence for transferring a murder investigation to the CBI as she alleged that the Kerala Police was trying to cover up the case since the accused were from the CPI (M). The observation could not have been more ill-timed for the CPM, which was disrupting parliament complaining about a number of broken window screens of many cars of the leaders of the proletariat outfit in the luxurious party office in the capital. It was playing victim perched on the heaps of human skeletons in West Bengal and Kerala. In Kannur alone seven human lives were lost in 72 hours, half a dozen RSS-BJP workers were maimed for their only crime that they preferred the saffron colour to the red. For long the CPM terror gangs have made it their mission to murder, to finish off political opposition in their strongholds. Every party in the state, including its allies like CPI and NDF, have fallen victim to the Marxist brutes. The killing fields of Kannur, soaked in the blood of innocents is the CPM stronghold and it is from there that the state Home Minister K. Balakrishnan and party general secretary P.Vijayan get elected. They have assiduously cultivated a cadre steeped in goondaism, murder and mayhem. And surprisingly they have no regrets. The state DGP, the other day complained that the police was not allowed to raid the CPM party office as the criminals were suspected to have taken shelter there.

The court indictment against the CPM goonda raj could not have been stronger. The murderous politics of the CPI (M) in its strongholds have stunned the judiciary. The Kerala High Court in its landmark decision has echoed the widespread sentiments and indignation against the Left Front government in Kerala and asked the governor of the state to convey to the centre that the deployment of central forces is the only way to bring peace in Kannur. The High Court proposed permanent deployment of central forces as it has no faith in the impartiality of the local police.

The High Court rap has shattered the CPM. Pinaray Vijayan lost all balance and lashed out against the judiciary, unmindful of the consequences of contempt of court. This is not the first occasion he has criticized the judiciary. But this time he crossed all limits. He accused the judiciary of speaking the language of the opposition and giving arguments to the opposition to launch a political onslaught against the Left Front government. The CPM perhaps believes in the law of the jungle. It has converted its bastions into nurseries of terror. The police has been fully politicised and made ineffective. The media has been divided into pro-CPM and capitalist. There is no end to the plight of the people of the state as the Congress and the CPM are hand in glove sharing power at the centre, Congress a victim of CPM blackmail, even as they fight bloody battles in the states. Judiciary is the only hope.

The Article was published in organiser on 23.03.2008


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