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Right turn in Europe – Islamist extremism triggers right turn in European polity.

Europe has turned to the right. The old liberal state funded system which automatically favoured immigration and multiculturalism are being rapidly replaced by new structures manned by nationalists. The reason for this change has been the growth of Islamic extremism championed by immigrants from Muslim countries. The latest attacks within Britain and Australia will accelerated this process.


Since the end of the Second World War, Western Europe has been known for its liberal attitude. The revulsion to atrocities under Nazism and the racial theory that formed the basis of those atrocities have strongly influenced political discourse there since World War II. Multiculturalism (the idea that the country was a mosaic of cultures) and encouragement of immigration had become the criteria for evaluating progressiveness in Europe. All this is changing. Today the most popular political parties in UK and France are the Anti-immigration UKIP and Marine Le Pen’s National Front. UKIP has become the largest UK party in the European Parliament. The Center-Right Sweden Democrats continues its success and in the 2014 general election, won 49 (14% of) seats in parliament. In Denmark, in 2014, the right wing Danish People’s party won the European Parliament election and forms the largest block in Denmark with 26.6% of the vote.


The Liberal years


Since the 1960’s, with increased immigration, multiculturalism as an ideological stand began to yield rich political dividends for the Liberal establishment since the immigrants usually formed a cohesive vote bank. The liberals were not alone in supporting this idea of multiculturalism. The part of this ‘multiculturalism’ which appealed to the big business in Europe was cheap labour provided by youthful economic immigrants in an aging Europe.

Rotherham 3

Immigrants who wanted to integrate and those who want to confront


Broadly speaking, immigrants from Asian countries, especially non Muslim countries wanted to integrate with the mainstream of their host nation. Immigrants from India – skilled workers – Doctors. Engineers software professionals (and Godmen) were to take advantage of this racial love in and realise their dream. Working hard, saving and taking care of their families, they would set an example which many a westerner would later follow.


Hindu immigrants, especially, who had internalised a million forms of worship and customs within their own religion had no difficulty adapting to the new state.


It was quite a different story with immigrants from Muslim countries. They not only refused to integrate but also formed separate enclaves within the host nation which they would jealously guard against mainstream influence.France would be flooded with immigrants from North Africa after the Algerian debacle. These immigrants would take over entire neighbourhoods (or hoods) where even the French Police were prevented from entering. Most of these localities resembled third world shantytown felonies waiting to happen. In 2007 during New Year eve, more than 1,000 cars were burnt overnight. When the police tried to take back the streets, they were driven by protesters demanding that they leave the ‘occupied territories’. Europeans who did not conform to the immigrant’s cultural identity were ‘encouraged’ to leave ‘Muslim areas’ by threats and intimidation.  In Denmark, Greenlanders have actually been stoned out and expelled from Gellerup, a ‘Muslim area’ in the second biggest town Århus. The same stories were repeated across Europe. Nørrebro in Copenhagen and Birmingham have become ‘Muslim zones with special status’ within Denmark and England.


The liberal establishments of Europe bent over backward to accommodate ‘Muslim cultural sensibilities’.

In Brussels during Ramadan Non-Muslim policemen, patrolling the streets of Hollenbeck in their cars, have been instructed not to eat or drink for fear of offending the local predominantly Muslim population. In Britain, legislators have adopted a liberal approach towards polygamy for Muslim men, allowing tax breaks for their second, third and fourth wives.

The rise of Islamist terrorism and the turn to the right


In November 2, 2004, Dutch director Van Gogh who was critical of Islam was murdered by a Muslim extremist on in Amsterdam. He was shot, his throat was slit, and two knives were left implanted in his torso, one pinning a five-page note to his body. Massive explosions rocked Spain and England killing more than a hundred people. Terror plots were unearthed all across Europe – in France, Spain, and Germany. Most of the culprits caught were Islamic immigrants or children of the same.


The new aggression has caused Europe to re-evaluate immigration and multiculturalism especially in relation to Islam.  Politicians like Geet Wilders of Denmark have been openly criticizing Islam and calling for a rollback to the Islamisation of Europe. According to him, Islam should be evaluated with the same critical attitude as was Communism by intellectuals like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Václav Havel. For many like him, the idea of multiculturalism is based on the false assumption that that all cultures are in agreement on some fundamental level on what “freedom,” “dignity,” “justice,” and “human rights” mean. This is not so with Islam.


Each Islamist atrocity has hardened public opinion in favour of stricter laws against immigration and shifted the political landscape to the right.


In 2001, Denmark elected the most conservative government in some 70 years – one that had some decidedly non-generous ideas about liberal unfettered immigration. Today, Denmark has the strictest immigration policies  in Europe.



Impact of  Economy, Media  and the Net


One factor which will sustain the rightward trend of Europe is the economic downturn and the accompanying massive job layoffs. With millions of workers loosing their jobs and having to work longer hours with lesser job security, the idea that their own governments are spending their tax money for the welfare of immigrants will become more untenable to the European labour class.


The biggest advantage of the liberal left in Europe ( as well as in America ) has been their stranglehold over the established media, especially the visual media. To a large extent this control has served to suppress the impact of immigration and deflect any criticism directed towards Islamist aggression. For example, the BBC covered up the rape of more than 1400 children by Islamic radicals in Rotherham over a period of years.


Today, the credibility of this established media is being seriously challenged by the right through the new media and its vehicle – the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and the YouTube are being used by the right to counter the advantage of the mainstream media.


– Girish P


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