3:22 pm - Wednesday January 24, 2018

RSS, BJP, BMS, ABVP offices in Kerala were wrecked by communist goons

Kozhikkode : In continuation to the recent spur of attacks on Sangh parivar office bearers and workers in Kerala, CPM Goons attacked Shree Hadgewar Bhavan in narayana nagar vadakara Kerala . After breaking the window panes of the Karayalay, communist goons returning from their demonstration entered the Sangh Karyalay and attacked the karyakarthas residing there. Biju, Nididh and Anathu were injured in the attack. The goons had to be repulsed by summoning the police and was only dispersed post the police resorted to lathi charge to avoid more causalities In related incidents BJP offices across Kozhikkode was attacked. Cherunavvur, Manakkad and Vadakara Booth level offices of BJP was destroyed, along with flag staffs and flex boards of both BJP and BMS across this northern district of Kerala.

Today (9th June 2017) morning, ABVP & BMS office  in Kozhikkode was also attacked by CPIM goons.Stone pelting at BMS district committee office in the city and an assault on one media person were occurred.

In response BJP has asked the public to observe harthal in the affected taluks of Vadakara and Koyilandi , Pilgrims travelling to Kottiyoor Temple has been exempted from the harthal as a mark of respect to the pilgrimage. The communist fascism on Sangh parivar workers continues in Kerala as the rest of India and national media conveniently forgets the simmering political pot of targeted political murders and attacks being perpetuated by communist party in Kerala.

ABVP Office Kozhikkode









ABVP Office Kozhikkode











BMS office




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