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Smamiji’s views and service, by all means is RSS in itself:J Nandhakumar

(The below extract is from Manya J Nandhakumar ji’s Speech from 13th March 2013 at Kottarakkara)

Swamiji’s effort to awaken the confused people who lived aimlessly since the pathetic failure of first independent movement in1857 were beyond description. Swamiji’s thunderous commands such as not to bow before anything but the truth and cowardice is sin to the youth who were faithful to the British lead to the thought of freedom.Great people like Mahathma Gandhi had kept the record of the same. Brahmins learned Vedas edited by Vedavyasa who belongs to a fisherman community and Ramayana written by  Valmiki, the tribal man, tell us the non existence of castism in ancient Bharath.


He encouraged the educated youth to come to the society and educate and live for the less fortunate or else the time will blame them as antinational. This is true for all times. Those who get education at the expense of others must devote their expertise for the society at least for some time. That is the greatest worship to God. In order to bring development for the nation, the rulers must hold on to their spiritual principles. Salvation is not something that you get after death, rather it should be attained through your Karma during the lifetime, Swamiji reminded.


One should see the God in the society and serve. In order to come out of the deteriorated lifestyle, we have to hold on to the cultural values of Bharath. Then only we can make 2020 to Bharath. The history of Bharath can be divided into three based on his three entries. Vivekananda’s first entry and the 39 years helped the whole world to accept Bharath. After the humiliating defeat to China, his birth Centennial brought the self confidence to Bharath. Now, with his Sardhashathi, Bharat will courageously face the ordeals and enter 2020. Smamiji’s views and service, by all means is RSS in itself. If not for Swamiji’s incarnation, neither Bharat nor Hinduthwa would have come out of ordeals from last century.

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