Smriti Irani warns the people of Wayanad about Rahul Gandhi’s capabilities as an MP.

New Delhi: The Union Minister Smriti Irani has a warning to the people of Wayanad constituency in Kerala after Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination papers there.

Smriti Irani said, “I want to warn Wayanad. If you want to see Rahul Gandhi’s capabilities as MP, come and see the state of Amethi. The person who has been betraying Amethi for the last 15 years has come to your place to cheat you.”

She also stepped up her sharp attack by saying that Rahul Gandhi has insulted the people of Amethi by filing nomination in another constituency in addition to his usual family constituency.

Rahul Gandhi today filed his nomination papers at Wayanad, a constituency in Kerala that shares borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Reports suggest that Rahul Gandhi chose the constituency because minority communities have a majority in the constituency.

A largely mountainous region, Wayanad is considered a safe seat for the Congress when compared to Amethi. Rahul Gandhi who is facing a tough challenge against Smriti Irani was on hunt for a relatively safer seat in South India before zeroing in on Wayanad.

Smriti Irani is making huge inroads in the Gandhi family’s traditional constituency by exposing the lack of development. The constituency lacked basic amenities even after the Gandhi family holding the constituency for decades.

The Union Minister asked the people of Wayanad to judge Rahul Gandhi for the development he has brought to a constituency he represented for the past 15 years. His record is abysmally low and warns the people of Wayanad from being cheated by the Gandhi scion.

In spite Amethi being the traditional constituency of the Gandhi family, it has remained poor and rural as ever. Nothing much has changed in the constituency since Rahul Gandhi’s father Rajiv Gandhi won from the constituency in 1981.

During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Smriti Irani was able to reduce Rahul Gandhi’s majority drastically. Even after losing the election, Smriti Irani was actively nurturing the constituency. She brought many basic amenities that Amethi lacked which has made her hugely popular among  the rural population.

Rahul Gandhi knows that a defeat at Amethi will be a huge embarrassment for him and the Congress party. To avoid such a situation, the party picked a safe seat for the Gandhi scion to contest and win.

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