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The Killing Fields of Kannur Call for a Response

Pls find below the appeal made by Prant Karyavah  on 21st, March 2008

 Priya Bandhu,

Once again, after coming to power in Kerala, the CPM is on a killing spree in Kannur. Five Swayamsevaks have been butchered during this Shivarathri. Eighteen others have been grievously injured, of whom ten have lost their limbs.


Till now more than 72(updated on March 20) RSS- BJP workers have been murdered in a tiny area of Kannur district. Hundreds of our houses, offices, and schools have been destroyed. Shakhas have been attacked with swords and bombs. Many Swayamsevaks reduced to the living dead. The crime of the saffron forces is that they dared to attend shakha in this red citadel, and dared to hoist the BJP flag. Our crime is that our workers continue to function despite the murderous attacks on us. Our crime is that we dare to uphold the Bhagava dwaj even when they threaten to cut off the hands that hold the saffron flag


This time, our Sharirik Pramukh Sumesh was the first to fall. Sumesh makes a livelihood tending to cows and selling milk. Sumesh has two daughters, one aged 4 yrs and the other 3 months old. Sumesh is lucky. He did not die.


 Our Taluk Sharirik Pramukh,MP Sumesh 


They cut off his left hand and hacked him on his face and neck. Eighteen-year-old Nikhil, who made a living as a lorry cleaner, was not so lucky. He was dragged off the lorry and hacked to death. 62-year-old K.V Surendran was cut to pieces in front of his family.

The swayamsevaks of Kannur are determined to uphold the flag of Hindutva high – come what may. Vastly outnumbered, they have faced bombs and swords with a grim determination which has baffled the CPM leadership. They have put up with the blatant partisanship of the police, and have undergone long jail terms. While other organizations have been made to crawl in this red bastion, the Sangh Parivar continues to hold its head high — in spite of the heavy causalities we have taken. Our swayamsevaks and their families have borne the brunt of CPM terror for forty long years. The sacrifices of the balidanis will not go in vain.


The families of our fallen brothers shall not be left helpless. Their children will not be orphaned. The destroyed houses will be rebuilt. The shakhas will function and flourish. The Swayamsevaks of Kannur will not plead for help. Yet the nationalist forces of this country are duty-bound to come to their aid in this moment of crisis. Each one of us has a duty to help these people who are on the frontline of this dharmic war against the Red terror. I appeal to you to contribute your mite for a change in Kannur, and see it as a Samarpan at the feet of Bharat Mata.


With  Pranams,

Prant Karyavah,

Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh, Kerala



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