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Two-day seminar on Integral Humanism concludes

Kochi: A two-day national seminar on Integral Humanism came to an end in Kochi on Sunday.Former Union Minister for Human Resource Development Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi delivered the valedictory address.  He said the reductionist approach of Western science had divided the world into the rich and the poor and destroyed civilization. “Twenty per cent of the world population controls 80 per cent of resources. Of seven billion people, only one billion enjoy the benefits of modern development.  We now see a highly broken society that is unbalanced. Water, housing and jobs, etc. remain unresolved,” Dr. Joshi said.

He said that preservation of nature and natural resources was a corollary of Integral Humanism or Ekatma Manava Darsan. “We demand a change of mindset. Let us raise the level of human consciousness and create a world free from disparity, squalor, illiteracy, and all degrading elements,” he told the gathering.

R Hari  ,Former RSS Akhil Bharathiya  Boudhik Pramukh , in his speech in a session held earlier in the day, referred to Pandit Satwalekar. His first book was banned by the British. He first wrote it in Marathi. The title of the book is ‘National Anthem in Vedas’. And he explained the prithvi sooktha of Atharva Veda. He wrote it in 1905 or 1906, before Mahatma Gandhi came to India and when Lokamanya Tilak was very active in Indian politics. Later on the book was translated to Hindi; then the British noticed it. They found it dangerous and the book was banned. Second article he wrote ‘Vedic Praarthana mein Ojaswitha’, that is Dynamism in Vedic Prarthana. That also aroused patriotism. Today, these things are not at all popular. He wrote about 420 books. 80-85 of them are on the Vedas. They are really treasures for us. They should be translated to other languages of this land.  Pragna Pravah should take responsibility for this.  Ecology is highlighted in Vedas and Mahabharath.  Panchathanthra pictures the parrot talking to a lion, a mouse converses with a lion and a lion befriends a tortoise.


Dr. C.I. Issac, member, Indian Council for Historical Research, and vice-president of the Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram, delivered the presidential address at the valedictory session. Dr. K. Sivaprasad, convener of the Programme Committee welcomed the gathering. K. Sukumaran, working president of the Swagatha Sangham, offered felicitations. Dr. N.C. Induchoodan, general convener, delivered vote of thanks.

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