3:50 am - Tuesday January 23, 2018

UK Prime Minister labels Hindu encyclopaedia as ‘great contribution to humanity’

HINDUISM ENCYCLOPEDIA BN-FF884_icamer_G_20141027234703British Prime Minister David Cameron termed the Encyclopaedia of Hinduism as a ‘great contribution to humanity’, adding that he is going to make use of this compilation.

“This encyclopaedia is a great contribution to humanity. I love the saying, ‘Let all noble thoughts come from all directions’. I am going to use this. This is beautiful,” said Prime Minister Cameron, while launching the encyclopaedia here at a Diwali party on monday .
The event, which took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, witnessed the launch of the 11-volume Encyclopaedia of Hinduism, which has been produced by the India Heritage Research Foundation.

The encyclopaedia includes essays by more than 1000 scholars from around the world and is a compendium of thousands of years of history, science, art, architecture, polity, religion, philosophy and culture.


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