Under pressure from CM, Devaswom Board for young women’s entry in Sabarimala.

Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) is all set to permit young women to Sabarimala two days a month. TDB will convey this decision to the Devaswom Bench of the high court through its lawyers. And, TDB will inform the court that the huge police deployment in the Sabarimala premises, banning the devotees from entering the valiynadapandal, etc. are all at its behest. In fact, the “two day proposal” was first mooted by CM Pinarayi Vijayan much before the reopening of the shrine. The Attorney General had submitted before the court on November 23, in response to the petition of four young women before the court praying for the facilitation of their safe travel and entry to the shrine, that the government is for young women’s entry to the temple two days a month. No doubt, TDB’s new stand is to own the responsibility of all udesirable situations in the temple so that to protect the Pinarayi regime from the devotees’ wrath. KP Sasikala Teacher and RV Babu, Hindu Aikya Vedi president and general secretary, respectively, and Council for the Protection of Traditions convener Prithivipal told the media that TDB does not have any right to take such a decision sans consulting the tanthri and other scholars and without going for devaprashnam, the ritual for learning the likes and dislikes of the deity.