9:56 pm - Wednesday March 21, 2018

VHP to legally challenge kiss of love festival – Denies any plan of protest march to the venue

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“Kiss of Love” -This is only being spread through social media and we are trying to find out whether it is really being planned or is a fake one. Also we are trying to find out the source and the people behind it. In the meantime we have already proceeded with certain legal measures to counter this move if at all it happens. Since the alleged programme is not sponsored by any known group or organisation there is no authenticity to the news being spread. In such a situation it is not wise to go for any direct action but instead initiate legal action and create public awareness against this. We are also trying to figure out the strength and preparedness of organisers.

The other news being spread in the name of VHP that we will physically prevent the programme is not genuine as we have not taken any such decision at the district or state level. We have decided to give out a statement disowning the news being spread in the name of VHP since it is not issued by us. But at the same time we are going ahead with other alternate measures to prevent the proposed antisocial event if at all it happens. Any more information regarding the event or it’s organisers is most welcome.

 V Mohanan
State General Secretary
Vishva Hindu Parishad

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