3:21 pm - Friday March 19, 2088

VHP to protest against Devaswam Board’s decision to shut free food centres in Sabarimala

Kochin: Vishwa Hindu Parishad Kerala State President SJR Kumar today announced a protest against Kerala Devaswam Board’s decision to shut free food centres in and around Sabarimala.
Travancore Devaswam Board has shut all Annadana Kendrams (Free Food Supply Centres) and devotees today are virtually starving for want of adequate food. There is only one hotel open today and they are charging exorbitant amount for food supplied there. Till last year Annadana Kendrams were active at all occasions when the Temple was open and that helped the devotees to have free food in adequate quantity.
Sabarimala is a known Hindu temple where laks of devotees visit and shed billions of Rupees in State Government’s pocket every year. Almost all Hindu Temples which get a good revenue, had been acquired by Government in the name of Devaswam Board without ensuring the needs of devotees being fuilfiled.  All hindu Organizations are already protesting against delay in completing maintenance of roads, lack of facilities like toilets, hospitals etc. K.S.R.T.C the transport corporation of Kerala under Government withdrawn Pamba special buses for devotees,  last year itself.

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