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Vidya Bharati School Ransacked by CPI(M) Criminals in Kerala

On January 27, a group of CPI(M) criminals attacked the Vidya Bharati school in Thalassery, Kannur district of Kerala. The school, Adiyodi Vakeel Smaraka Tagore Vidyapeetam, affiliated to the CBSE, is run by a charitable trust functioning in the name of Swargiya Gopalan Adiyodi Vakeel. Gopalan Adiyodi Vakeel was a Gandhian and forerunner of many nationalistic movements in and around Thalassery.

Kannur district is the sowing field of CPI (Marxist) in Kerala and many of its leaders hail from here. They exploit the unemployment, poverty and the generally straightforward nature of the youth of north Malabar and transform them into a herd of frustrated, immoral vandals who are at their command. Added to this, there is increased jehadi anti-national, terrorist activity widespread in the district. The children of this school are moulded in such a way that they have exemplary character and ardent nationalism and thus we create good citizens of tomorrow who take pride in our Hindutva heritage. The aim to develop a core of young nationalist group was being realised slowly.

On January 27, an armed mob of about 500 CPI(M) cadres assembled in the courtyard by about 6 p.m. and ransacked the recently constructed school building. They broke the doors of principal’sroom, office room, lab, classrooms, etc. and destroyed everything in sight. Glass panels and aluminum windows were smashed. Computer lab with about 20 computers and accessories was destroyed totally. Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs were totally devastated. The library rooms were ransacked and thousands of library books are missing, mutilated and torn to pieces. Drinking water lines and drainage pipes were also destroyed. Water coolers were damaged. Classrooms were broken open and student’sfurniture destroyed beyond repair. The vandals shattered the photos of Goddess Saraswati, Bharat Mata, Dr Hedgewar and Shri Guruji without disgrace. In all, the damage amounted to about Rs. 20 lakh.

All this was done in pretext of angry reaction to the death of a CPI (M) cadre Jijesh by the NDF fundamentalists. This is a blatant example of state-sponsored vandalism and a police party was a witness to the act. The school complex is situated very close to the residence of local CPI (M) MLA and Home Minister of Kerala, Sri Kodiyeri Balakrishnan.

?We have taken special care to remove all visible signs of arson lest it may shock and frighten the tender intellect of our students. We have also decided to build a protection wall around our complex that may cost about Rs. 15 lakh. The photos and video clippings have appeared in both print and visual media and this has generated a feeling of apathy and anger towards the CPI (M),? said Sri M.K. Sreekumaran, secretary, Adiyodi Vakeel Smaraka Educational Trust.

This Vidya Bharati school complex is recently constructed and work is still in progress with the help from society. Currently, the school has to repay loans from banks and financial institutions to the tune of Rs. 75 lakh, monthly repayment being Rs. 1.5 lakh. But years of selfless effort by a group of Vidya Bharati workers has been brought to zero now. Infuriated by the influence and support from the common man, the opponents make use of any opportunity to tarnish and annihilate the Vidya Bharati.

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