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Vishwesha Tirtha Swami of Pejawar Mutt ascends Paryaya Peetha for the fifth time

Vishwesha Tirtha Swami of Pejawar Mutt ascended the Paryaya Peetha, also called the Sarvajna Peetha, at the 800-year-old Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple for a record fifth time here on Monday.

No seer of the Ashta Mutts of Udupi, which propagate the Dwaita philosophy, has ascended the Paryaya Peetha more than four times ever since the biennial Paryaya system began in 1522.

The 84-year-old Pejawar seer’s ascension gives him exclusive rights to worship Lord Krishna and manage the affairs of the Krishna Mutt/Temple for the next two years. The idol of Lord Krishna was installed at the temple here by the exponent of Dwaita philosophy Sri Madhwacharya about 800 years ago.

Pomp and gaiety marked the ascension ceremony. The incoming Paryaya seer, Vishwesha Tirtha, went to Danda Tirtha near Kaup, about 12 km from Udupi and took a holy dip there at 1.30 a.m.

He arrived at Jodu Katte here at 1.50 a.m., where he was welcomed by a large number of devotees. A grand procession began from Jodu Katte at around 3.15 a.m. As many as 10 tableaux and about 55 cultural troupes took part in the procession.



The devotees carried the presiding deity of the Pejawar Mutt — Sri Rama Vittala — in a palanquin. The seers of the Astha Mutts, in palanquins, followed the chief deity, with Vishwesha Tirtha leading them. They included Vidyasagara Tirtha Swami of Krishnapur Mutt, Vidyadheesha Tirtha Swami of Palimar Mutt, Lakshmivara Tirtha Swami of Shiroor Mutt, Vishwaprasanna Tirtha, junior seer of Pejawar Mutt, Vishwallabha Tirtha Swami of Sode Mutt and Ishapriya Tirtha, junior seer of Admar Mutt.

The procession passed through the Taluk Office Road, Court Road, Diana Circle, Ideal Circle, Tenkapete and culminated at Car Street at 4.30 a.m.

After having a darshan of Lord Krishna through the Kanakadasa Kindi, the Pejawar seer offered prayers at the Chandramouleshwara and Ananteshwara temples. He then came to the entrance of the Sri Krishna Temple, where he was welcomed by the outgoing Paryaya seer Vidyavallabha Tirtha Swami of Kaniyur Mutt.

Both the seers entered the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple and offered prayers to Lord Krishna and Lord Hanuman.

Then Vidyavallabha Tirtha handed over the Akshaya Patra and Sattuga (vessel and ladle dating back to the times of Sri Madhwacharya) and the keys to the sanctum sanctorum to Vishwesha Tirtha, marking the formal transfer of authority from one mutt to another.

Vishwesha Tirtha Swami ascended the Paryaya Peetha at 5.40 a.m. The seers of other mutts were felicitated at Badagu Malige. All the seers then proceeded to participate in the Paryaya Durbar function at the Ananda Tirtha Mantapa at 6.20 a.m., witnessed by thousands of devotees.

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