1:22 am - Sunday March 25, 2018

Western Ghats to be saved to save ourselves : Dr. V.S Vijayan

Dr V S Vijayan, member, Kerala State Bio Diversity Board, said recommendations made by the Gadgil and Kasturi Rangan committees should be implemented to protect the Western Ghats. Speaking at a seminar on ‘Development and Environment’ organised by Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram (BVK) as part of Sri P Parameswaran Navati Celebrations, he drew attention to the climate changes and deforestation in Kerala.

 “The reckless use of pesticides in agriculture is causing huge damage to human health. The organic cultivation policy during the V S Achuthanadan government was sabotaged by the officials and it got approval after a long time,” said Dr. Vijayan, who is also a member of the Western Ghat Ecology Expert Committee. 

Madhav Gadgil report to be translated to Malayalam and discussions and debates to be arranged to make the people aware of the situation. The recommendations of these committees should be given to the grama sabhas (village bodies) for their approval.  Some Political Parties and a Particular Community spreading the lies against these Committee recommendations. 

There are attempts from several quarters to bring genetically modified seeds to India. Organisations like Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram should come forward to resist the move, he added. Praising Present Central Government and Minister for Environment Sri Anil Madhav Dave, he said he now sees some hope in saving the forests and Western Ghats. Both development and environmental protection are important, and any attempts by vested interests to impede the country’s development should be resisted, he added.

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