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We should provide our students with an education which is beneficial to our nation:Dr Mohan Bhagwat

We should provide our students with an education which is beneficial to our nation, RSS Sarasangh Chalak Shri. Mohan Rao Bhagavat stated. The contribution of students coming out of schools is more relevant in the society than high rise buildings or other materialistic comforts, he added.  Shri. Mohan Bhagavat was addressing the gathering at the inauguration of the  Silver Jubilee celebrations of Aravinda Vidya Mandiram at Pallikkathodu, Kottayam.

A minister from the previous government once stated that the Indian education field, worth 3 trillion was going to be opened to foreign investment.  This means the previous government viewed education as just another saleable product.  Some people on being asked about what they were doing, say that they run a school. This indicates that they consider education as another important business activity.

However, when you see this school, Aravinda Mandiram,  one can envision a great achievement of our service activity.  The school must progress further in the same path along which Aravinda mandiram has been moving.  The directions along which schools orient their students should be followed at their homes also. We have to teach children to earn money with both hands but at the same time they must be trained to donate with thousand hands.  The responsibility of the teachers is to mould leaders with wisdom. The penance we had been continuing for the past 25 years must pursued is the same manner vigorously.

I am sure the work will proceed more vigorously as the work force behind this effort are  swayamsevaks who are not affected by praise and thus will not get deflected from their duty, Mohan Bhagavat added.

Prof. CNP Purushothaman, Chief of Aravinda Vidyalayam working council,  presided the function, Dr. P.K.Madhavan, President, VidyaBharati South India,  Swamy Prajnananda Theerthapadar Vazhoor theertha padasramam,  PEB Menon, RSS Parnth sangh Chalak, A. Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Muralivallabhan addressed the gathering.

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