About Vishwa Samvad Kendram, Kerala

Vishwa Samvad Kendram, is a media centre with a difference – a difference defined by its motto; Samvadat Souhardam: Amity through interaction. 

3rd Floor, Lakshmi Bai Towers, T.D Road Kochi – 682 035

Phone: 80753 58759
Email: [email protected]

Vishwa Samvad Kendram is an organisation working in pan India with its Kerala unit started in 2001. We focus on the empowerment of our nation,society and culture.We are one of the open forum for discussions on nationalistic issues. We work with like minded people across all sections of the society. We have the systems to attain correct information about any important news across india.

Vishwa Samvad Kendram (VSK) is an agency working in the field of media- with multidimensional activities. Apart from pooling and dissemi­nating news, it is active in organizing seminars and symposia on subjects of national and social importance, analyzing contemporary events, inter­viewing social leaders and thinkers, furnishing studied feature articles by eminent column writers, organizing re-orientation programme for promising young journalists, providing guidance to those interested in the art of letter writing for the editor’s mail and in creating forums of TV viewers etc. We Organise all forms of classical, traditional and modern artistic performances and exhibitions including cinema with a view to prop­agate the values and ethos of our Culture.